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US-328108-A: Harrow patent, US-328435-A: simpson patent, US-329005-A: Sash-cord guide patent, US-329204-A: Maier patent, US-329603-A: Deflector-plate for fire-boxes patent, US-33070-A: Watelt-cldset patent, US-331202-A: Henry u patent, US-331573-A: Roller-mandrel patent, US-332513-A: Hamilton patent, US-332721-A: Electric-arc-lamp cut-out patent, US-332811-A: maker patent, US-33365-A: Improved mosquito-bar patent, US-334234-A: Cesae felix josz patent, US-334305-A: Coupling-joint patent, US-334385-A: Wagon patent, US-33461-A: Improved curtain-fixture patent, US-335777-A: Paper satchel patent, US-335795-A: Riving-machine patent, US-336110-A: Ingway patent, US-336269-A: Jennie m patent, US-336368-A: Apparatus for bending and voicing musical reeds patent, US-336550-A: Armand chappee patent, US-336790-A: Dental patent, US-338084-A: Walter h patent, US-338711-A: Fluid-gate patent, US-340225-A: Ironing-machine patent, US-341134-A: Centrifugal reel patent, US-341328-A: Means for ventilating buildings patent, US-343071-A: Sulky plow patent, US-343312-A: hawkins patent, US-343755-A: Arthur buel patent, US-344059-A: Officec patent, US-34461-A: Improved fender or sheath for boots and shoes patent, US-344953-A: Frederick egge patent, US-345645-A: Elevated railroad patent, US-345961-A: Vibrating churn patent, US-346457-A: Device for tightening forms of type in chases patent, US-346459-A: Coffee-roaster patent, US-346492-A: Valve-gear patent, US-346830-A: story patent, US-347601-A: Tayloe w patent, US-348271-A: Combined rack and table patent, US-348490-A: Cotton-packer patent, US-349432-A: Frederic george johnson and alfred johnson patent, US-349740-A: Mowing-machine patent, US-350177-A: Tric clock comp patent, US-35114-A: Improvement in condensing carding-engin es patent, US-351732-A: Water-supply apparatus for tanks patent, US-352056-A: Osoab e patent, US-352127-A: haines patent, US-352183-A: Folding crate patent, US-352464-A: Feed-water heater patent, US-352552-A: Automatic pipe-coupling patent, US-354347-A: Tracing-cabinet patent, US-35517-A: Improved sofa, convertible into a table, trunk, cot patent, US-355538-A: Cover-fastening patent, US-355707-A: Saw-guide patent, US-356368-A: Manufacture of dye-stuffs patent, US-357002-A: Machine foe eollim soeews patent, US-357336-A: eogers patent, US-358007-A: Burial-casket patent, US-358154-A: Adjustable foot-rest for chairs patent, US-358482-A: reynolds patent, US-359272-A: Fire-kindler patent, US-359353-A: Stove-board patent, US-359779-A: pouchee patent, US-3617-A: Smut-machine patent, US-362662-A: Beege patent, US-362854-A: Guide-frame for sliding window-blinds patent, US-363078-A: Fruit-picker patent, US-363137-A: Device for cleaning gun-barrels patent, US-363552-A: James h patent, US-36397-A: Improved hydraulic apparatus patent, US-365125-A: Cotton picking and cleaning machinery patent, US-365384-A: Philip osoae jenkins patent, US-365811-A: Dental flask patent, US-367023-A: Nut-lock patent, US-2454742-A: Pyridazone derivatives and method patent, US-2586154-A: Racemization of amino acid patent, US-2691043-A: Fluorinated amines patent, US-2694064-A: Triazese optical brightening agents patent, US-2783241-A: S-acylimino-x-substituted-az-i patent, US-3069329-A: Production of griseofulvin patent, US-3248409-A: Polyvalent metalx s salts of carboxy- alkyl polysiloxanes patent, US-2460353-A: Shingle patent, US-2653971-A: Manufacture of anthranilic acid patent, US-2752361-A: Poly-halogen-containing alpha substituted alkylenic succinic acids and anhydrides patent, US-2993071-A: Purification of salts of detergent amino acids patent, US-3230140-A: Method of treating open wounds patent, US-2463819-A: Preparation of acylguanylthioureas patent, US-2463831-A: Amino alkyl benzoates patent, US-2727357-A: Jet engine fuel control with stall computer patent, US-2810767-A: Denitration of o-alkylphenols patent, US-3101333-A: Stilbyl-acenaphthenotriazole patent, US-2596724-A: Method and apparatus for determin patent, US-2690999-A: Silver protective agents for sulfurcontaining lubricants patent, US-2791023-A: Stuermer patent, US-3095345-A: Process for manufacturing paper from synthetic fibers patent, US-3269902-A: Cattle repellent patent, US-3370488-A: Throttle safety return for transmission failure patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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